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What is SlabMedia ?

What is SlabMedia
Since early 2007, I have been working with Boston company SlabMedia setting up websites, primarily for UK musicians.

I discovered Slab while researching the best options to build a new website for guitarist Gordon Giltrap. I was looking at sites for other musicians, and stumbled across Ellis Paul's site. Ellis's site had all the features that I needed for Gordon; I was especially impressed by the comprehensive capablities of the gig guide which would allow me to enter much more detailed information in a standardised format.

When I first contacted Slab and spoke to owner Jim Infantino I bombarded him with questions about how the modular set up would work for a UK based musician, as previously they had only had US clients. Jim was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, impressing me greatly with the way the Slab500 sytem worked and could be adapted for individual users.

A major selling point for me was the fact that it was straightforward to edit the site from any computer with Internet access, and that extra pages could be added to the original modules for no extra cost. Add to this the fact that Jim and Catherine are readily available with help and advice, and the choice was made - it had to be Slab !

Although the sites can be built be someone with no special knowledge of computers, it is still an advantage to be fairly confident in IT and understand some html and know a little about how the Internet works and things such as domain names. The Slab system itself is a CMS ( Content Management System ) and like all computer programmes, involves a steep initial learning curve as you come to terms with how everything functions.

My role working with Slab came about after the success of Gordon's site, when word spread and I was approached by other people to work on new sites for them.

There are a selection of modules available for different functions - see the Slab website for more info - or if necessary Jim will build a new module to suit the users requirements. Once completed, sites need to be hosted with Slab in the USA for technical reasons.

Each site is individually custom designed to suit the client - no templates are used. The result is that although site components function in the same way, each site will have a totally unique look.

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