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Double Vision

Latest Double Vision News

Latest Double Vision News


Double Vision - In Vision is a DVD that captures two specially filmed performances of Gordon Giltrap and Raymond Burley. Although both artists have completely different styles they manage to blend both styles together effortlessly in two intimate performances filmed in late 2006 at Stickford Church and Fulston Manor.

Having already recorded an album together in 2004 entitled Double Vision, the next logical step was to film these two wonderful artists in concert and two specially arranged concerts were set up in late 2006. Both performances feature the two musicians bringing out the best in each other in this rare coupling.

As Gordon Giltrap's and Raymond Burley's schedules rarely allow them the opportunity to play together this DVD will be seen as the next best thing to actually experiencing a live concert.

The DVD contains both concerts in full and also an interview feature entitled Meet Ray and Gordon.

Orders are now being taken on the dedicated micro website.
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Click either arrow twice to play the video ( please remember this is a low resolution sample and not representative of the actual DVD quality )

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Gordon and Raymond recently spent a very pleasant day with their good friend Paul White at his studio in Malvern where they recorded two pieces: Kaz and Tears of Joy. Their Double Vision CD was released in 2006 by Voiceprint and is now re-released by the German company Hypertension with the title 'Double Vision - Special Edition'; the two new pieces will be included as bonus tracks. The recording has been re-mastered and has different artwork.

Raymond says:
We're very grateful to Rob Ayling at Voiceprint for releasing the Double Vision album but we all now realise that it was a just a little too specialist for their market. Hypertension is the company that released my solo Giltrap album The Long Road Home at the end of last year.