Venice Biennale 1

Venice Biennale 2008

The 11th International Architecture Exhibition, 'Out There: Architecture Beyond Building', runs in Venice from September 14th to November 23rd. In the Arsenale venue, you can see 23 Installations, whereas in the Padiglione Italia at Giardini you can discover the experimental work of 55 international firms. Even if you don't think Architecture is something that would interest you, if you have a spare day or two in Venice I recommend you go, there is something for all tastes and in an expensive city like Venice this is excellent value at just 15 Euros.

Where possible in these galleries I've tried to give an indication of the scale of the object pictured and what I understood was the concept behind it, although to be honest, I often didn't have a clue ! Please forgive me if any of these details are incorrect, but I'm writing them from memory !

For more info, visit the Biennale website here
Photo © Sue Holton